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Training, Consultation & Implementation 


  • Impact of developmental trauma on sensory processing, emotional regulation, and attachment.

  • Childhood trauma and the brain: neurodevelopmental essentials for therapists and educators.

  • Development interrupted: how toxic stress and interpersonal trauma change the body, mind and brain.  

  • Understanding traumatic stress and the arousal regulation continuum in children and youth.  

  • Fragmentation, disorganization and dissociation: An overlooked side of developmental trauma.  

  • Trauma and the threat-oriented child: sensorimotor approaches for restoring self-regulation and connection.

  • The impact of early life stress on attachment, sense of self and the developing social brain. 

  • Building interoceptive awareness in vulnerable children and youth: a trauma informed, assessment-based approach.

  • Designing regulating spaces, places and practices: guidance for foster care and residential care settings.    

  • Creating trauma sensitive classrooms: the power of relationships, rhythms, routines and rituals.

  • Restoring regulation and occupational balance in the aftermath of trauma. A lives in context approach.



  • Unpacking emotional regulation in children: tracking the 6R’s of emotional reaction and emotional responding.

  • Environments, internal states and sensory perception: how they shape children’s ability to learn, remember and                    self-regulate.

  • How early experiences shape the development of executive functions and regulatory control. 

  • Sensory integrative dysfunction in children: what it is and how parents and educators can help.   

  • Scaffolding self-regulation through co-regulation of stress, emotional states, and relational ruptures and repairs.    

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What Clients Say

"Dr. Petrenchik's training and perspective are unique in the field. She is able to transcend all disciplines, and get to the science and the heart of human behaviors and relationships - especially for the most vulnerable and damaged among us. Don't miss the opportunity to have your own work transformed by Dr. Petrenchik's unique understanding of childhood trauma and its lasting impact on development. I will never forget her passion, and left the training, not only with strategies I could put into practice right away, but also with my own passion for this work reignited!"

Beth Clay, MA
Former Executive Director NAMI Fox Valley

“When I observed Dr. Terry sitting side-by-side, supporting a child to move beyond their comfort zone, I was hit with the realization; she is the "Kid Whisperer"! I am so honored to know her as a colleague and parent. She has had a greater impact on my views of parenting and education than any other individual." 

John Magas
Former Director of Secondary Teaching, Learning & Equity Sun Prairie Area School District 

“Dr. Petrenchik is truly an expert in her field. She is a talented speaker and writer who has an innate ability to translate complex material into easily understood concepts. Her dynamic and accessible presentations have helped me grow as a professional. I have new tools that I can take into my clinical practice with families and children. Thank you for your insightful wisdom.”


Tracy Kristoff, LMFT, RPT

Owner, Simple Pathways Counseling, Inc. 

“Dr. Petrenchik is an extremely knowledgeable and engaging speaker on childhood trauma and its influence on development and behavior. She brings a unique perspective that greatly enhances the work of professionals who are helping children and their families learn to manage difficult behaviors. Her work has great potential to improve the lives of individuals who have lived through traumatic childhood experiences.”


Lori Reynolds, PhD, OTR/L, Assistant Professor, Northern Arizona University

"When we arrived at Dr. P.s clinic, she was yet another therapist we would try to help our special needs son. By the age of nine, he’d had as many therapists and doctors as teachers - none of whom were really able to help him or our family. Not to mention the long list of diagnoses. By the end of our first visit, Dr. P. gave us something we desperately needed – hope. It was like she already knew our son and understood how his brain worked and how he viewed the world.  Several months later, our son is making considerable progress and her coaching has been invaluable. She has equipped us with new skills to better meet his needs; opened up new avenues of support for our family; and has been our son’s tireless advocate."


Mother of a young client referred for ADHD, PPD-NOS, PTSD & sensory processing disorder 

“At age 6 my daughter was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and we were left with so many questions and a feeling that wasn't the whole story. Dr. P. helped us put the puzzle pieces together and she saved our family with coaching, real tools, and her incredible insights about our daughter. No one understood our child like Dr. P.”

Mother of a young client referred for autism, sensory processing disorder and anxiety.

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