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Multidimensional Assessment of Interoceptive Awareness:
Youth Card

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Introducing a standardized measure of eight dimensions of interoceptive awareness in children and youth, ages 7 to 17 years. It can be completed as a self-administered assessment or in an interview administered format. 


Thirty-two aspects of interoceptive awareness are depicted in diverse groups of children and youth engaged in social participation and everyday activities. Interoceptive awareness, noticing internal body sensations, including stress-related and emotional states, is essential for physical and mental health, and emotional regulation.



  • Noticing Feelings

  • Not Distracting 

  • Not Worrying 

  • Attention Regulation

  • Emotional Awareness 

  • Self Regulation 

  • Body Listening 

  • Body Trust 



  • A focus on everyday activities and social participation

  • Emphasis on diversity and inclusion

  • Tool for tracking changes over time


  • 32 Cards

  • Visual Rating Scale

  • Interoceptive Awareness Wellness Wheel

  • Pack of 25 Score Cards

  • Instructions


Introductory Price of $75


MAIA-YCD scales, items and administration considerations 

The Five Regulatory Dimensions format focuses on aspects of interoceptive awareness most closely linked with regulatory skills. These five scales have been shown to change the most in response to sensory based, body-mind interventions and are recommended for assessing intervention-based changes in interoceptive awareness. 

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